Barry Shalley

Barry is a seasoned multi-skilled C-suite retail executive who helps transform businesses strategically, whether in the traditional value driven manner or through digitization strategies building data assets identifying blockchain use cases, and/or monetizing data using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Barry applies a combination of practical start-up, financial, strategic and commercial approaches to modern retail businesses having negotiated business joint ventures; conducted business transformations; concluded business feasibilities, mergers/acquisitions due diligence and related negotiations.

Also, he develops pathways both strategic & tactical assessing key elements of access, assortment, pricing, service and experience and how they affect paths to markets & their customers.

By understanding the retail mindset, and how they earn income he helps companies fit into the correct retail business model.

He is an expert in modern retail value creation comprising assessments of access, assortment, price, service and experience which also applies to companies that form part of the retail supply chain.

Understanding what strategies drive the creation of value or potentially destroy value in modern retail working with clients through the boutique consultancy Strategica or companies he has co-founded such as Reterms.

This also means he knows how to deliver informed financial and strategic due diligence for any M&A deal whether on buy or sell side. He has used these practices in utilities & healthcare as well
He helps define the business rules, create financial modelling, for the customers and their paths to market, using business process, RPA opportunities & data to transform companies or create new business models.