Charles Kruse

Charles Kruse is an experienced retail and management professional. His 26 years of retail excellence with experience in five countries have given him a global perspective on the retail industry.

The experiences, beginning with selling floor and moving to Divisional Management and CEO roles, have fostered his deep understanding of the retail strategy, structure and execution synergies which create success.

He graduated magna cum laude plus honors with a 3.7/4.0 GPA from the University of Wisconsin, earning a major in economics and a minor in journalism.
The ability to turn knowledge and experience into results was particularly demonstrated while he was on the foreign management teams that were able to transform BIG C in Thailand and Bu Bu Gao in China into strong, modern retailers. He enjoys working with store teams to improve operating results with a focus on the customers.

Charles Kruse’s vast experience as a retail strategic, merchandising and operations recently integrated with a major retail consulting company in Asia; Group RKD Retail/mX. As the Managing Director, he has helped many retailers develop and execute strategies. With his customer-centric focus on strategy, structure, and execution, Charles has the experience to advise and guide retailers to a successful future.