Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Our training programs are highly pratical utilizing action learning methodology in which learning is delivered by discussions, role models and exercise models. this is not only addressed for current need, but also prepare the participants for future challenges.

we offer first class training program in the several area for all levels of audience from top management to front liners with cost effective approach. we provide video based media and customized solutions for your people developments needs.

all our courses can be held in-house at any location in Indonesia. Our standard courses can be adapted to suit specific client needs and objectives.

The Four Keys

The Four Keys to our approach are : Focus, Involvement, Practicality, and Transparency. This enables us to target the areas where the maximum impact can be made, to involve the organizations fully in the process, to deliver practical solutions that  can be applied immediately, and to be clear about all aspects of the partnership.

Real ROI is an elusive quality in most learning and development programs throughout the world. The numbers of factors that can and do influence performance extend beyond a simple training course or change management process. However, we have developed several innovative approaches that provide a more tangible link between  and performance. Success in establishing a ROI reinforces the notion that learning is not a optional extra for organizations, but an essential component of sustainable success training